Ask a Samba TV Expert: Introducing Innovative AI-driven Picture Quality Technology for Movies, Live Sports, and Video Games: Samba TV Picture Perfect

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2 min readJan 7, 2021


This week, Samba TV announced its groundbreaking AI-powered Picture Perfect℠ technology to optimize picture quality in real-time. As part of Samba TV’s mission is to create a better viewing experience for everyone, this innovative technology is an important element of this cornerstone.

I sat down with Samba TV Sr. Director, TV Product and Partner Management Robert Macauley to hear a bit more about Samba TV Picture Perfect℠ and the AI-driven, industry-first benefits for consumers.

What is Samba TV Picture Perfect?

Samba TV designed Picture Perfect℠ to be embedded within the TV with the purpose of recognizing and optimizing the quality of the content playing on the screen in real time, with or without an internet connection.

With ever-improving features on TVs like Motion Smoothing and Variable Refresh rates, many consumers today unknowingly watch their favorite content with these settings enabled often resulting in what’s known as the “Soap Opera Effect.”

While intended to help create a sharper image, the frame calculation can often be inappropriately applied and the content can look strange as a result. Samba TV Picture Perfect℠ automatically detects the content type and optimizes the picture settings in real time, regardless of internet connection or technical knowledge. This solves the Soap Opera Effect problem for users, automatically enabling higher refresh rates when needed and disabling when not, ensuring they have the best viewing experience at all times.

What can you tell us about the technology behind it?

This groundbreaking technology leverages machine learning on the edge device, and allows consumers the ability to experience all of the second-by-second action across the industry’s highest quality TVs and gaming consoles, with privacy-by-design.

How can consumers experience this?

We’ve announced our first innovation partner for Picture Perfect℠ is Vestel, an industry-leading manufacturer of worldwide brands like Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, and Telefunken. A long-time partner of Samba TV, Vestel has been working with the company on this industry-first initiative as it continues to deliver best-in-class technologies to consumers. Stay tuned for more to come on how you can take home and experience Picture Perfect℠.



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